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Friday, November 10, 2023

Recharging the Batteries

Today's post will be a little shorter than usual, and most of the reason why will be explained in the post. You see, every now and then, writers need to do something other than writing to hone their skills. Just like how chefs need to go to new restaurants and how directors need to see new films, writers need to get out there too. And while a good way for writers to learn is for them to read other writers' works, another way is to actually meet other writers and talk with them face-to-face.

As it happens, one of the local libraries decided to put on an Author's Fair, in part for that very reason - to get writers together and have them talk about writing and stuff. Also, since it's a two-day affair, there would also be time for any published writers to sell their books, meet up with readers, and talk about whatever writers want to talk about. In sum, it's two days of writers getting out there with other writers and doing writer things, along with a generous helping of civilians walking in to find out just what it takes for them to be a writer.

So, indeed, that's where I have been all day. I sat in the audience, asked questions, met people, and went back and forth about our processes, our structures, and our writing. I also sat on a panel discussing traditional publishing versus self-publishing, and got some quality mic time. And, of course, I got the opportunity to hopefully inspire some people to become writers, to pursue publication, and perhaps even hit up my blog now and then.

This means I have been busy all day, without a huge amount of time to write today's post. Furthermore, the library is hosting a Writer's Open Mic night, and I just have to go there and drop some verse for the good of my fellow writers. If you ever get the chance to attend one of those, do it. And when you hear these people doing their thing, for better or worse, remember that they all worked their way to the mic over time, and at one point were just audience members doubting they could do such a thing. It's a great way to learn that nothing is impossible. (That will also be the theme of the piece I am reading - no spoilers)

If I can offer one takeaway from all these words, it's this: Every now and then, get out there and walk amongst the other creatives. Chat about things you've written, things you've read, and things you might just be thinking about creating. Meet people and hear their stories. Listen to people and get to know them. It really can't hurt, and in many ways, it might just charge up your creative energies. Do you need a little boost? A touch of inspiration? Go to a book fair, and Author's Day, a poetry slam, whatever, and take it all in. Breathe it in like a refreshing spring breeze and let it move you. Where it moves you doesn't matter, just as long as it's toward a creative result. The rest is up to you.

Now I have to run. This story isn't going to read itself.     

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